Zouhair Bouaziz - Assistant Professor

Update March 2017

1993-2017: Associate Professor in Organic Chemistry, University Lyon1.

2002: Accreditation to supervise research (HDR diploma), University Lyon1.

Professional address: Faculty of Pharmacy, University Lyon1, EA 4446 « Bioactive Molecules and Medicinal Chemistry (B2MC) ». 8, avenue Rockefeller F-69373 Lyon Cedex 08 France.

Ph: +33 (0)4 78 77 72 53

Mail: bouaziz@univ-lyon1.fr

Website: http://b2mc.univ-lyon1.fr

ResearchGate page - https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Zouhair_Bouaziz


My Organic Chemistry teaching load amounts to 192 hours/year for students of:

- First Common Year for Health Studies (PACES).

- Second year of pharmacy (I am responsible for this teaching unit)

- Master « Sciences du Médicament ».

- Optional teaching: « Synthesis, reactivity and characterization of aromatic compounds ».


Design, synthesis and structural optimization of bioactive molecules: Indeno[1,2-b]indole derivatives as inhibitors of the Protein Kinase CK2 and the Breast Cancer Resistance Protein BCRP (or ABCG2).


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2) Gustavo Jabor Gozzi, Zouhair Bouaziz, Evelyn Winter, Nathalia Daflon-Yunes, Mylène Honorat, Nathalie Guragossian, Christelle Marminon, Glaucio Valdameri, Andre Bollacke, Jean Guillon, Noël Pinaud, Mathieu Marchivie, Silvia M Cadena, Joachim Jose, Marc Le Borgne, Attilio Di Pietro. Phenolic indeno[1,2-b]indoles as ABCG2-selective potent and nontoxic inhibitors stimulating basal ATPase activity. Drug Design, Development and Therapy 2015, 9, 3481-3495. (IF 2,881)

3) Zouhair Bouaziz, Samar Issa, Jacques Gentili, Andreas Gratz, Andre Bollacke, Matthias Kassack, Joachim Jose, Lars Herfindal, Gro Gausdal, Stein Ove Døskeland, Catherine Mullie, Pascal Sonnet, Camille Desgrouas, Nicolas Taudon, Glaucio Valdameri, Attilio Di Pietro, Milad Baitiche and Marc Le Borgne. Biologically active carbazole derivatives: focus on oxazinocarbazoles and related compounds. J. Enzyme Inhib. Med. Chem. 2015, 30(2), 180–188. (IF 3,428)

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7) Abdelmalek Bouraiou, Sofiane Bouacida, Hocine Merazig, Aissa Chibani and Zouhair Bouaziz. Crystal structure of 13-(2-methoxyphenyl)-3,4-dihydro-2H-indazolo[1,2-b]phthalazine-1,6,11(13H)-trione. Acta Cryst. 2015, E71, o604–o605. (IF 2,333)

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