P-glycoprotein (Pgp) limit intracellular drug accumulation by ATP-dependent extrusion of therapeutic agents out of cells. In cancer cells, over-expression of drug efflux transporters is associated with multidrug resistance (MDR) process.

Design of peptidomimetics as efflux pump inhibitors

Project manager : L. Ettouati

We keep working on development of ABC-transporters ligands such as (aza)peptidomimetics derived of reversines (Scheme). We have several sets of dipeptides (Hyp and aza series) with different pharmacological profiles, e.g. as selective BCRP inhibitors or selective Pgp inhibitors or mixed ones.


This work relies on a network of partners to streamline and optimize our scientific approach (molecular modeling, pharmaceutical formulation, selectivity, in vivo evaluation).

Publications :

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• Dr. Pierre FALSON (IBCP - UMR 5086 - Laboratoire des Protéines de Résistance des Agents Chimiothérapeutiques)
• Pr. Charles DUMONTET (CRCL, UMR Inserm 1052 CNRS 5286)
• Dr. Attilio DI PIETRO (IBCP - UMR 5086 - Laboratoire des Protéines de Résistance des Agents Chimiothérapeutiques)

Synthesis and biological evaluation of new steroids as Pgp inhibitors

Steroids have been reported to influence MDR by inhibiting the cellular extrusion of cancer chemotherapeutics.

Previously, our research group found (1) new steroids derivatives as Pgp inhibitors, the general structure of this compounds is represented on figure 1. We have developed Pgp inhibitors series from deoxycholic acid and chenodeoxychiolic acid (scheme 1).

We have developed a new pathway for the synthesis of heterosteroids (scheme 2) from bile acids and we wish to apply this new strategy for the synthesis of Pgp inhibitors. 

(1) Grenot, C.; Cuilleron, C. Y. New steroid inhibitors of Pgp for use for inhibiting multidrug resistance. WO2011/73419 A1.
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• Pr. Charles DUMONTET (CRCL, UMR Inserm 1052, CNRS 5286)
• Dr. Malika IBRAHIM-OUALI (iSm2, UMR 7213 Marseille)
• Pr. Raphaël TERREUX (IBCP, UMR 5086)