Chemical Library

Project manager: L. Ettouati

From 2010, and for valorisation of lab chemicals, the team implemented a chemical library of synthesized products (powder; about 700 products in March 2017). Products are packaged in 1.5 mL vials and stored in a cold place (+4°C) in racks. The collection is managed on Instant JChem (ChemAxon) to filter the database depending on the physico-chemical properties (Structure, MW, logP, PSA, etc..).


This centralized management of lab products optimizes external collaborations development.

Publication example:

Bouaziz Z, Issa S, Gentili J, Gratz A, Bollacke A, Kassack M, Jose J, Herfindal L, Gausdal G, Døskeland SO, Mullié C, Sonnet P, Desgrouas C, Taudon N, Valdameri G, Di Pietro A, Baitiche M, Le Borgne M. Biologically active carbazole derivatives: focus on oxazinocarbazoles and related compounds. J Enzyme Inhib Med Chem. 2015 Apr;30(2):180-8.


• Arnaud Comte (ICBMS - UMR5246 - University Claude Bernard Lyon 1)
• Isabelle Krimm (ISA - UMR5280 - University Claude Bernard Lyon 1)
• Pierre Falson (IBCP - Laboratoire des Protéines de Résistance des Agents Chimiothérapeutiques, Lyon)
• Partnerships of ChemBioInteract network (Metz, Bergen)